My Wedding Gown – Eugene Galvan

I bought my gown at Tutuban Mall Divisoria at Eugene Galvan’s stall. I bought the gown because I got so frustrated in finding what gown looks good on me. I have to consider also the budget. I was also looking for an RTW so I won’t have to go to a dress maker anymore. I was able to find a 4k and I love the design but i didn’t like the fabric they were using. Most of the gown that attracted me were the ball gown type of dresses the ones with really puffy skirt. This is maybe because deep down I wanted to look like a princess when I was a little girl. I never owned a barbie doll because my mom only bought me this lego toys. My sister had a barbie doll and I remembered one time I beheaded it and it never got fix. Anyway the cost of the ball gown ranges from 12k-15k. After 5 hours of walking we stumble upon Eugene Galvan’s shop. I saw a ball gown but was not really jumping for joy at the sight of it. E told me it looked like the gown that i was previously trying on (yep he was with me). So he said we should ask how much it cost. This woman approached us and told us we can have it for 8500. That got me interested. Though I saw some little problems on the front part I tried it on. Maybe it’s the sales talk or I was just too tired that I was hallucinating. I actually thought I was beautiful and my heart skipped a beat when I saw my reflection. The next thing I knew I bought it. The way they handled the dress was like they were throwing a garbage. I complained that they should handle it with care. But this assistant went on and said as she place the dress on the box “ok lang to maam. ganito talaga pag lagay sa box.”. The only nice thing they did was they gave us the peticoat for free.

So I went home and opened the box and when I saw the gown the feeling i felt before was gone. I tried it on again and no spark anymore. I panicked and find anything what I think was making the gown look ugly. I saw there were flowers on the front of the dress and I didn’t like it. When I removed it I found out the it was there not as a design but a patch to cover some sewed part which was really ugly. I decided to buy another flower to cover that part but had E’s aunt fix it for me. It was so stressful to me. I hated my gown. A week before the wedding nanay vicky added some beads to the dress and then the flower patch. It turned out beautifully. And then after I had it dry cleaned it look a lot more better.

Though now that the wedding is over I wished that I did have my gown tailored made. Though a lot really love my gown all I could ever remember about the dress was how much trouble it put me through. I regretted that I was in so much hurry in buying the dress. But the wedding is over. Looking at the pictures there were times I really love how it looks but sometimes I feel that there is still something missing with the dress. Anyway see pictures below of my dress:




Eugene Galvan:

Rating: 2
Amount Paid: 8500.00

Nanay Vicky (Alteration):

Rating: 5+++
Amount Paid: Free

Metropole (Dry Clean):
Rating: 5+++
Amount Paid: 1000.00

Additional expenses:

Flower Patch at Carolinas: 200.00


10 thoughts on “My Wedding Gown – Eugene Galvan

    • hello ejae,

      it did cross my mind to sell my gown but unfortunately it is not with me here in manila. it’s in ormoc leyte and I have no plans yet of going back home because i’m pregnant.

  1. the gown is gorgeous! Considering the price, it’s cheap but so nice! šŸ™‚ I think I will consider Divisoria gowns for my wedding as well šŸ™‚

    • Hi Eds,

      I bought the vest at divisoria at 168 mall but couldn’t remember the name of the particular store because it didn’t have one. But it isn’t really that hard to find them because i remember finding them in most store just needed to find who sells the cheapest at wholesale.

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