HMUA (Entourage) – Ormoc Hairline Salon

Since I thought the whole entourage would be a lot for Anna Grace to handle we decided to book an extra HMUA for the entourage. There was not much information we could find on the internet for HMUA in Ormoc but we were able to find Ormoc Hairline Salon in a few of BridesBestfriend’s clients. Our first option was Shella On but she already declined any appointment for 2013 because she’s going abroad. With 2 weeks left before the wedding we hurriedly booked hairline since from their portfolio seems ok.

They were able to make my girls beautiful but the only complain I had is why was their eyebrows colored red? Even though in the pictures it’s not visible but upclose I can see that their eyebrows are red or was it maroon. I’ve never seen anything like it. They were fast though and they were very accomodating and nice. 7 of the entourage were included on hairline salon.

Rating: 4+++
Amount Paid: 4,500.00


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