4 Days

I promised to be posting pictures on our recent DIYs but because E won’t allow me just everyone would something to look forward to. We’ve been very very very busy! I had my teeth fixed so that when I smile I’d be more confident but i didn’t expect I’d have a root canal. It was painful and traumatizing. Anyway after that we had my gown and his suit dry cleaned at metropole. It cost us 1500 for the two outfit already. I also finished our message pads for guest to write down their messages.  Then I finished our ribbon wands and destroyed our Just Married sign. We practiced with the help of you tube our first dance.

A lot is going on in my head that yesterday I forgot to lock the doors and it has been opened whole day. Then today I forgot my wallet which is really embarassing because i have to beg for the driver to consider my toothpaste and alcohol as payment. I’m very lucky that he is a nice person although i really feel bad. I hope this forgetting a lot of things is just the effect of anestisia. I hope after the wedding i’d be more relax and can finally focus on work again.

Can’t wait for the wedding. 4 days to go. 🙂


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