10 days to go!

Hello Hello Hello! 🙂 we’ve been missing a lot of updates. we’re at the final stretch of our wedding prep. Can’t explain what I’m feeling right now. A lot of times I’m just panicking even when I’m already asleep. I’d end up getting up just to check my list. I think we are almost done though and I’m very excited for the big day. We are just finalizing our props and some details. I’d be posting probably before the week ends for our progress from last week. 🙂

So here are the summary of what has been happening to us the past days:

1. Alteration of the dress because there were some problem with the front part. Some folds on the front pops out whenever I wear the dress which make me look like bigger on the stomach area. Nanay vicky added beading to the dress to cover the needle work to keep the front in it’s arrangement so nothing will pop out. I have not tried it though since I have to save that part till the wedding. I think the dress looks a lot more improved. I can’t be too sure though because I didn’t try it on. I just need to feel positive about it.

2. Trial make up done. I met my hair and make up artist. She’s nice and had just been married at 2011. It’s nice to be talking to her about her experiences. I’ve haven’t got much girl bonding and having met her is such a breath of fresh air. I learned about beauty tips too and things to do before the wedding. Anyway during the trial we tried the airbrush make up. I’ve just recently found about it. She really wanted for me to have an airbrush make up but the problem is after 3 attemtps with it just didnt went well. I went black. The color made me a lot darker. After wasting an hour on airbrush we got back to traditional make up. After that I was just too shock to see my face. I had false lashes. My brows look thicker and well shaped. My cheeks looks healthy. I look so fresh and glowing. I looked younger and THINNER! I hardly recognize myself. I love that my hair is curly too and has volume. I was just so happy that i look pretty for a moment. I didn’t take any picture because it’s a surprise for E. The problem though with the make up is after an hour I feel that my skin is getting too oily. I don’t have an oily skin. She said that is the effect of make up. Our skin tends to sweat under our make up that’s why my face look so oily. I’d just have to carefully wipe my face with a tissue. She also told me not to worry because she be with me all the time. She is such a sweetheart.

3. I just made our ribbon wands for our props. Unfortunately I was only able to make 6. The ribbons I bought for the wand ran out and I was only able to get 3 yards each for the 3 colors same with the heart bouquet.

4. Dry cleaning for my gown and groom’s suit. We never thought it would be very expensive to have our clothes dry cleaned. It cost us 1500! that’s an equivalent to a new dress.

5. Little hearts for the bouquet toss game.

6. Picture frame of our parents on their wedding

7. Wedding tree guest book is finally finished. It’s beautiful. I found the site from recommendation of weddingbee that generates a jpeg file for a guest book tree with E and my name. I love it very much. 🙂

That’s I think for now. I’m sure there are still things I forgot to list down here. I’m suddenly having a stomach ache so I’ll have to get back next time with pictures. 🙂 10 days to go!


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