24 days left!

Hello! We’re back from Ormoc. Well it turned out well after all. My father was no longer giving me the silent treatment and we were just happy during our visit. We’ve made a lot of progress and here they are:

1. Canonical Interview

E and I were really nervous about the canonical interview. I’ve read somewhere in the net that the priest ask this couple about the ten commandments, 7 sacraments and lot of church related questions. A friend of mine also told me that some priest would ask if you religiously go to church every Sunday and if you don’t you will not be permitted to get married. But we were suprised to be received by this very funny priest who made everyone in the parish office burst into laughter. We were not the only couple who were to have our canonical interview. There were I think 7 couples before us. I thought he would be the priest to marry us but sad to say that he isn’t. I really like him. Going back, we were interviewed separately and to my dismay the priest was in a lot of hurry. It didn’t even take us 5 minutes to finish both our interview. I would have loved to chat with him. So there we are finally finish with our church requirements except for the full payment that we are going to settle days before the wedding.

2. Coordinator Turn Over

So we finally meet Angel, our on-the-day coordinator. She seem nice and very professional. During our meeting we provided her with the progress of our preparations and gave her the contact number of our suppliers. It’s nice to have someone doing things for you once in a while. Although there were so many against us hiring a coordinator we really needed to have one. The reason is it’s really difficult for me to order members of my family and friends around. Even though they are willingly offering their help it would really be difficult for me and E to follow up on them on stuff and even boss them around. I in particular is never really comfortable of telling someone to do things for me. As much as possible I do things on my own so I could not bother anyone. I want everyone to be happy. So we hire people whose job is to take care of everything on our wedding. It’s not a big deal if we have to shell out money for that because it would mean less stress for me and E and more time for everyone to enjoy our big day. I hope everyone would just drop it already and respect our decision on why we booked a coordinator. It is not wasting our money if I see everyone important to me enjoying instead of doing task for us.

3. Choir Meeting

We finally meet our choir and paid half of their fee. They will also be playing during the reception. Till now I still have not finalized our songs. I thought it would be the easiest to do among all task. As much as we want an all beatle song we also dont want to play songs that are not love related. Unfortunately not all songs from the beatles are love songs. So we needed to insert songs from other artist. There are so many songs out there! it’s so difficult to choose! Now i know what my friend felt when he was worrying about the song selection for their wedding. Hopefully before the week ends I can already submit our song choices so they can still practice.

4. Meeting Talented Atit

Atit is E’s favorite supplier. I LOVE HER TOO. From the very first day that we met her we just know how passionate she is about her work. She’s very nice and easy to talk to. We love at how she helped us on our Beatle Theme wedding. Her ideas are just so unique and she understands the client. We’ve seen her work last december and it was really beautiful and then last week we have happened to visit another work of hers and it’s beyond description. And also she is very organize and provided us with the breakdown as to where our money goes. She listed all the flowers and amount and also the service fee which is surprisingly very affordable.  We also gave her our hearts, our ME initials and beatle frames. She’s so nice to tell us that she will dress our initials. THANK YOU ATIT! I’m just so excited for our project and on how atit will deliver it. I know she will never disappoint us. 🙂

5. Villa Hotel Payment

We were disappointed when one of their employee there resigned. She was our contact person and she took care of us last December. When we got back we were informed that our menu was lost so we have to do it again. The new person assigned seem to not know what she is doing. Although she is very nice she just appear to not know where they file their client’s information. This worries me. But then she’s so sweet to allow us free use of LCD projector.

6. Invitations

We’ve distributed our invitations to our relatives in Ormoc and send some to Cebu also through LBC. Now we are waiting for everyone to respond to our RSVP. So far none has replied yet.

That’s all for now. This very long vacation we’ll definitely be working on our boutonnier, additional invitations, misalette cover, and props for the recesional. More updates to come. 🙂


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