DIYing our Invitations

We started Saturday this week focusing on our invitations. We already bought specialty papers at our local bookstore. We didn’t realize then that certain paper does not go well with an ink jet printer. It was a good think that we didn’t buy a lot then. Originally we decided on green cover for our passport invitation but any font color just won’t go well with it. So we are now using a diffirent passport cover.

I didn’t volunteer on the actual making of our passport invitation because i don’t trust myself with printers. I really don’t know how to print a booklet being I’m a software engineer (i should be expected to do well around machines related to computer). I don’t know how to go around printers. I made our RSVPs, save the date, and our envelopes. It’s so far the easiest part of this project except for the envelopes. I’ve mentioned before that I’m awful with scissors. This is because cutting straigt lines require patience and i certainly have none. I’ll be posting pictures of our invitation the soonest I finish our envelopes.

We have to finish them by the way before our trip to ormoc next week so good luck to us.


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