53 days to go!

So we a have been away for a while now. Honestly I was just dodging this website so i would not to see the countdown. With it saying that we are down to a month I’m panicking. Well we’ve made  more progress despite having been very busy on weekends with E’s parents and brother’s family coming over to manila and E’s sister getting an operation. We were spending less time with our projects. We are a lot behind now but promised to make of for the lost time this weekend. So here are our updates for past weeks:
1. Wedding Rings
Finally we were able to pay for the full amount and thus we were able to take our rings home with us. I love our rings. I kept wearing mine when I’m alone in my room. 🙂
2. DIY hearts for church decor
We were able to finish 6 sets already so that’s 6×12 = 72. We have run out of stuffing so we’ll be going to divisoria too well not just for the stuffing but for other materials we need for our new DIYs.
3. Alterations on wedding dress
Honestly I was feeling all bad about the dress because I’m afraid that it was a complete mess after I removed the flowers that it was made with. I couldn’t decide on what to replace them. I visited carolina’s and was able to find this cute thing which is some sort of a patch. For a 200 pesos i bought it and had nanay vicky attached it to my gown. I was so surprise to find my gown a week after. I really love it. Sorry no pictures for now. 🙂
4. Canonical Interview Scheduled!
Despite problems the city hall and the church were giving my mom finally we were able to set a schedule for our canonical interview! 🙂 Our marriage license was still not released because the person in charge in signing it is out of the office because apparently her kid is sick. So my mom was like begging the people in charge in the city hall for them to atleast talk to the church to have us scheduled for a canonical interview already because they won’t have it unless they already have the marriage license. I feel bad for my mom for the headache they have been giving her. I’ll make it up to her when i get home on March 20.
5. Church Music
We already submitted our beatle songs to the choir. 🙂
That’s about the update we have for now. We definitely have to work harder this weekend to cope up with our left behind projects. Oh my GOD we’re so close and yet we still have tons of things to do.

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