Slow down time

So they say time flies fast when you are having fun. I say that it can also be true when you are near your deadline. Often time these past few days I find myself panicking. My dreams lately had been a whole lot of worse. E on the other hand is just so cool about the whole thing. So far here are our updates:

1. For the missalet I have finished it. I have typed everything since I couldn’t find on the internet any soft copy. We already chose the Liturgy of the word. It is still subject for correction by the church so as much as I want to share it to everyone maybe after some corrections are already made.

2. We already finished our pre-cana seminar. 🙂 And so i thought that we’d be able to send it to our church then the attendant refuse to accomodate us not unless we already have our marriage license which is to be released Feb. 22. We can’t also be scheduled for a canonical interview until we are already complete with the requirements.

3. Out of 120 pieces of hearts we have finished 38 pieces already.

4. Decided on the beatle’s song during the ceremony.

For now here are our to do list to be completed this week:

1. Complete trivia questions.

2. Buy materials for the alteration of my wedding gown.

3. Send wedding gown to be altered by nanay vicky.

4. Have groom’s vest adjusted.

5. complet at least 16 hearts this week.

6.  Figure out what to give to the sponsors.

7. Come up with the titles for the M+E manual for a successful marriage for guest to sign on during the reception. So far we have the Volume 1: What do we do when we fight? Volume 2: What do we do on our first year of marriage.

8. Settle our guest book.

9. Pick pictures for the before and after video.

10. Borrow  a printer for our invitations printing.


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