Our Beatle Music Inspired Wedding

When most of our friends found out about us playing the songs by the beatles to the ceremony and the reception not all were really all happy about it. One feedback is “hahahaha really you want your guests to go to sleep?”. Another is “only your old guest would be able to relate to that music”. At first I was affected while E just ignored them. I was of course offended because I love the beatles. I grew up listening to their songs and up until now I can still sing along to most of their songs. The beatles is something the E and I have in common. He loves them too! It was he also decided that we’ll be having an all beatle music. 🙂 We are not yet sure if we can afford to get a band who knows songs by the beatles so maybe we can just play mp3. For the church though we have hired a choir. For now these are the candidate of songs for the processional.

1. All you need is love
2. Across the Universe
3. I will
4. Here, there and everywhere

During the reception:

First dance choices

1. In my life
2. It’s only love
3. If I fell

Father and daughter

1. Here comes the sun

What do you think of the song choices?


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