Pre-marriage Counseling

Pre-marriage counseling is a requirement for the processing of the marriage license. Since we filed our license in Ormoc we also needed to attend the pre-marriage counseling they have scheduled but we are already back in Manila by then. We asked if we could have the seminar here in Manila and they were nice to allow us. We would just be sending the certificate and they would process our license then. After that they would also send it to the church for us. 🙂 The validity period of a marriage license is 3-4 months.

For the processing of marriage license in Ormoc here are the requirement:

1. Birth Certificate (bride and groom)
2. Cenomar (bride and groom.. there is a validity period for the Cenomar I just don’t know how long. Better if you file it when you’re about to file the marriage license).
3. Pre-marriage counseling. (to be attended by the bride and groom.)

Back to our pre-marriage counseling, we thought that it would be easy, that the Pasig City hall would understand our situation. They asked us for our baranggay clearance before we could be allowed to attend their seminar. To acquire a baranggay clearance would require us to be a registered voter in Pasig. A friend of mine knew about our problem and referred us to her tita who worked in Marikina City hall. The pre-marriage counseling is handled by the city health office. The city hall would endorse the couple upon filing of marriage licsense to the city health office for the counseling. The Marikina City Health office was also as strict as Pasig. We needed the endorsement from the Marikina City Hall before we were allowed to have a schedule. We don’t have the endorsement letter because we didn’t file our license there. But thankfully with the help of my friend’s tita we were given endorsement letter from the vice mayor of Marikina to allow us to have our seminar. 🙂 We were just happy that we were right away scheduled for a seminar.

Comes the pre-marriave counseling. January 22, 2013 8am-5pm! They were very early indeed. I didn’t expect that I would enjoy the seminar. Even E didn’t fell asleep and he was all ears the whole time. We had 4 great speakers (unfortunately i didn’t remember their names). We learned about relationship of married couple. What to expect and how to handle problems. Another topic was about family planning, about breast feeding and how to take care of a baby. We learned a lot and I’m glad that the government had this as a requirment for acquiring a marriage license. The seminar cost us 150.00 pesos only. 🙂 Not bad!

I’d like to share one of our speaker’s joke about being married. I don’t know why I still find it funny. He said that he can determine from looking at couples who are married and are boyfriend and girlfriend. Boyfriend and girlfriend have the lovebird looks while married couple have the angry bird look. hahahaha. He shared that joke to tell us that life after marriage is not all happy-ever-after. It is going to be difficult. It was definitely an eye opener and even got me scared at the thought of we will be facing big challenges. But then I glanced back at E and he is just smiling looking confident and attentive. Looking back at all the challenges we’ve been through I was always the one ready to give up. I am the weakling and he is the strong one.

I know in my heart that I found my perfect match. 🙂 That whatever challenges we will be facing we’ll get through it together. 🙂


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