Update – 2 months to go!

So I was not able to get some sleep last night after I saw the countdown. Suddenly I find myself going through the checklist in my head and realized how plenty that still needs to be done. This week we accomplished the following:

1. Finished our 150 never-to-part giveaways! 🙂 we still have 15 pairs that is needing magnets. It’s the easiest part of this DIY so it is good as finish. We made changes to the tag since the sling bag would take a lot of time and we really don’t have much time anymore so here is the new look.

2. Wedding rings almost done. 🙂 I’ve seen our rings and I so love them. 🙂 Can’t wait to wear mine. We still have a balance of 1800. Almost there.

3. Scheduled pre-marriage counseling. This was not easy at all. Since we had our marriage license processed in Ormoc we would be needing to have our seminar there. Good thing that a friend of mine helped us with this. Her aunt had connections within a City Hall that I can’t be mentioning here right now. She endorsed us to the City Health to have our seminar. We’ll be having our seminar January 21 thanks to my friend.

4. Unity Candle new look. We bought candles at SM because it was on sale. It is expensive when we buy at this boutique specific for wedding paraphernalias. Their Unity Candle would cost not less than 1000 pesos. Our candles cost us 500 pesos only and it is already scented. Last night I added some design to it.

5. Remember our heart bouquets? Well you will be seeing more of them on our church decors. 🙂 we are have to make 120 hearts. Unfortunately I don’t have the sketch our florist made so you’ll probably see the result after the wedding. At least you’ll have something to look forward to. 🙂 we’ve made 12 hearts last night.

For now that’s about the update we have. Probably will be visiting Divisoria for some supplies. More update next week. 🙂


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