Happy New Year – It’s 2013!

Happy new year to everyone! 🙂 Just got back from my vacation. Well it was actually not all vacation. We were very busy. We spent a week processing a lot of wedding related things. Plus I’ve been through a lot after the pamamanhikan. The first time i was ever able to speak out to my parents has left me traumatized. There was a lot of crying and heart ache on my part because no matter how hard I try I just don’t get them and they don’t get me. I’m forced to do some traditions that I am not really comfortable with and I believe that i have every right to decide if i should follow them or not. On this part my parents strictly told me that i comply or they won’t go to my wedding. They were very upset with me. I made it very clear when I spoke to them in the rarest moment of my life that what they wanted me to do is something I can never do. It will make me miserable if i do it. i didn’t say anymore and i’m sticking to what i think is right. I have never in my life disobeyed them and this is the only time that i will. there were plenty of accusations. hurtful words. and a lot of shouting but i just took it all in because i know if i say something they wont understand me. Until they got exhausted and i still stood firm on my decision and only then did they get it that i won’t give in. I thought that i’m doomed! that the wedding is in trouble but thankfully after all the drama things went well. They finally calm down and have spoken to E’s parents. After that they were no longer angry with me nor did they ever mention the “tradition”.

Things went smoothly onwards and here are what we have accomplished:

1. Church – We already paid the early booking fee. We still need to work on our requirements hopefully by the end of january we’ll be able to complete them.

2. Reception Venue – We decided to go for Villa Hotel. It is a lot cheaper and just a walking distance from the church. They’re wedding packages are just right for our budget. So we paid 50% of the amount of the 150 pax package.

3. Food Tasting – We had our food tasting and it’s free unlike in Sabin. I think we made the right decision! their food is yummy.

4. Wedding cake/cupcakes – we’ve visited 5 bakeshop i think and ended up with Twigs and Flowers. They had the cheapest cupcake for 15 pesos each. We opted for cupcakes instead of the layered cake. We didn’t also go for the fondant cake. it’s just way too pricey. though i really love it, it’s something that i’m willing to sacrifice. maybe on some other future events. perhaps on our golden wedding anniversary.

5. Wedding host/commentator – my mother recommended him to me. He has been around weddings for as long as i can remember. on the 5 weddings I have attended in ormoc he was the host. he is also very helpful. he got so many suggestions which we would have never thought of. his price is also just right!

6. Florist – This has been our constant debate if we should get a florist. finally we decided to go for it. We need a florist for the church and that’s what we decided but since atit offered us a lower price because we already did our own bouquets and the bouttoniere we decided to also include the reception. She’s really easy to talk to. I really like her. 🙂

7. Marriage License – We decided to have our wedding license processed in ormoc because they didnt really require us a lot of documents. Just the birth certificate and the CENOMAR and that’s all they needed.

Well we still have plenty of things to do. We are down to 3 months! I’m feeling the pressure now.


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