New Ring Pillow

We have  been working on our give aways now for two weeks. we have made a huge progress and probably would able to finish 150 or even more before the year ends. 🙂 Yey!

Anyway you might be wondering what’s with the title of this post. We have already posted our ring pillow before but we decided not to use it. We found a much better replacement for it. While we were out last saturday to complete all the gifts on our list we stumble upon a bargain box full of stuffed toys and there i found this two adorable couple frogs sitting on top of a heart pillow. I may have not mentioned it before but i really find frogs very cute,  well not the real ones that is, just those huggable stuffed toys. That explains why we chose to make the never-to-part giveaways as frogs.

 Here’s what we bought. I’m not sure if you can tell that they are sitting on a heart pillow. I have reconstructed this into something that would look more like it is for a wedding.

As you can see they are holding a “HUG” and “ME” hearts. I initially thought of removing the hearts and have the back side shown in front to hide the two words but then I have notice that when you remove the “HUG” pillow you would actually get an “ME” which is the initials of our first names. What  I did then is remove the “HUG” pillow and retained the “ME” pillow. E provided the male frog with a bow tie made of felt cloth and I provided the female frog with a veil that I recycled from the arrhae pillow we no longer use and then added a bouquet on her hand from the left over buttons i have. So here is what it looks like now.


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