Weekend Update

Last week E had been sick andthis week he had never shown improvement so we went to the doctor and found out that he’s having an acute tonsillitis. It’s the forth time this year he got sick because of his tonsills. The doctor advised him to have his tonsills removed hopefully after he gets better for if this persists it might affect his heart. Anyway since E needs to rest I have to work by myself. I just continued on last month’s giveaways that was left to their boxes because we didn’t have enough materials. So we had 45 sets of never-to-part giveaway without magnets. Last week we bought 200 pcs of magnet that cost us 160 pesos. This is E’s task but since he is sick I am attaching the magnets to the frogies by myself. It is also E’s task to cut the felt clothes with our patterns as guide and sew the mouth of the female and male frog but since he is not available he won’t let me sub. I couldn’t be trusted with the scissors and the mouth and that is entirely based on our first attempts doing this project. Since there were 20 heads he had cut from last month I also attached eyes to them since that’s were my talent is. So this week’s progress would just be 45 giveaways and 20 heads with eyes completed. We are now down to 55 pairs of frogies since we are again back on having 150 pcs instead of the 120 pcs. We decided not to push through giving different giveaways for the sponsors. We decided that we would just donate the money allocated for their giveaways under their names to either Gawad Kalinga or any Home for the Aged institution (we have not yet decided on the beneficiary). This idea is actually not new. I have actually borrowed this from one of the blogs I have been following and I feel that this is such a great gift. A gift that is giving to others. It is more meaningful that way.

 I pray and hope that E gets better this week. I don’t like seeing him sick and I really can’t do anything without him. Well i can do all our the DIYs but it wouldn’t be as beautiful and perfect as they are if it were not for his being so obsessed with every tiny details and it is not as fun without him. I miss my partner.


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