Reception Venue Dilemma

After we have spoken to our coordinator we thought that we are finally set to have Sabin Beach Resort for our reception’s venue. But then after asking her about the florist, a 10k budget for the reception area alone is not enough. We can’t spend beyond 10k anymore. That’s about the only budget we have for the flowers. Maybe we’ll can go on with the reception without flowers since Sabin is already a good venue it doesn’t really need much decoration. But another problem is with the transporation. The resort is far from the church. If have around a 100 guest do we have to provide transportation for all of them or is it ok that they commute by their own? Maybe we can provide transportation for our guests who are not from Ormoc especially E’s family and relatives. We’ve no idea how to go around this. Maybe we’ll indicate on the invitation on how to go to the resort? would that be ok?

Anyway it is really difficult to inquire about other possible venues when you are not on the exact place. Talking through phone is not much helpful either but I was able to scout some information on the 3 venues we are considering:

Venue 1: Twin Terraces

I have never really heard about this until our coordinator brought it up. It just opened last month so all of their facilities are new. The area is also a walking distance from the church which is what’s great about it and they are not strict about which florist you would hire.

 I was able to get their buffet packages that ranges from 280-330 per person. The venue is free if you have at least a minimum of 100 head. 

For Buffet Package A you have a choice of 1 main course, 1 appetizer/salad, 1 choice of vegetables, 1 choice of pasta/noodles, 1 dessert, 1 round of soft drinks and plain rice. 280/pax

For Buffet Package B  you have a choice of 2 main course, 1 appetizer/salad, 1 choice of vegetables, 1 choice of pasta/noodles, 1 dessert, 1 round of soft drinks and plain rice. 300/pax

For Buffet Package C you have a choice of 3 main course, 1 appetizer/salad, 1 choice of vegetables, 1 choice of pasta/noodles, 1 dessert, 1 round of soft drinks and plain rice. 330/pax

Also for package B and C a minimum of 200 head entitles you to a free lechon.

I’m not sure about their food but definitely by December we’ll go on food tasting. So if we should decide for this venue then we’ll go for package c which will cost us 49,500.oo if we have 150 guests.

Venue 2: Ormoc Villa Hotel

The lady that i just called told me all their info is available on their facebook page. But when I asked about their buffet packages I think the minimum was 350 and max is 400 per person. Each of their buffet packages has an inclusion of free overnight stay on their executive suit for the newly wed, a free lechon, free use of their shuttle bus, free use of bridal car, free bottle of wine and free use of their sound system. I asked about how much would they charge us if we have about 150 guests and she said that we would reach around 60,000 pesos. The area is also a walking distance from the church.

Venue 3: Sabin Beach Resort

This was our first choice. No contest to the 2 venues I have mentioned above. Definitely Sabin has the most beautiful view. Their wedding packages are also affordable compared to the 2 venues. Below are the packages available:

Package A: Five main course (100 pax) – Buffet (44,800)

Package B: Four main course (100pax)- Buffet (40,320)

Package C: Three main course (100 pax) – Buffet (35,840)

Each package includes the following amenities:

*Buffet food service

*A choice of Main Courses that includes one round of softdrinks, salad or soup and desert.

*Free one lechon

*One bottle of red wine for toasting

*Free use of venue for 4 hours

*Sound system


*Bridal Card with decoration

*A pair of dove

*Guestbook and pen

*Buffet Table and Table Centerpiece arrangement

*placecards for the VIP Guests

*Free corkage for one additional lechon

*Free corkage for two bottles of wine

*A complimentary overnight stay for two

*A romantic American or Filipino Style Breakfast in bed for the newly wed

For the reception we’ll be able to spend 50k-60k. We can’t really decide on the venue not until we have the food tasting and also we need to see the area itself. From then will be able to weigh things. But it is certain that we will be choosing from the 3 venues listed.


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