Preparation for the Pamamanhikan

I got to admit I was not really up for the idea of pamamanhikan especially because E’s parents live very far from my parents so initially we decided that maybe a week before the wedding we’ll have it and then I also thought that this is one of those dead tradition like the harana. So we didn’t really give much attention to this not until mid this year when my parents brought it up and we found out this is such a big deal for my family. Pamamanhikan by the way is a pre wedding tradition for Filipinos where families of the groom and bride meets to discuss the particulars of the wedding. Most often pamamanhikan is held on the bride’s home to express the groom’s intentions and plans for his bride. I can only imagine E talking to my parents with his parents about his plans for me. We both are not really the kind of people who speaks about those kind of stuff to anyone but to each other. I am known to not really talk much except when asked. E is the kind of person who rarely talks serious things to others. Understand that this could be a nerve wrecking experience for E and I but because we both love and respect our parents we have to go through this. We decided that on December 27 we’ll be flying to Ormoc with E’s parents and sister.  So yup we already bought tickets earlier to avail those in discounted prices. We have now tickets for December. Actually kind of nervous now. 🙂 i’ve no idea what to expect.


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