Sprint 2! A huge failure

Weekly we make it to a point that we’ll be updating our website with our projects but recently it had been too hard for us to go to divisoria with so many series of unfortunate events. Without our materials we don’t have a choice but put our projects on hold. Last saturday we were supposed to go to divisoria since we were able to save money for our supplies but friday we lost that money. 😦 I was not feeling well the whole week and I thought that by going to divisoria I would feel better. The soonest we can finish our projects the less stress we get as the months to our wedding gets nearer. I needed something to make me feel better and the next thing I knew I asked E if we could buy a shelf for my books and we ended up taking funds for our wedding ring. I needed something to cheer me up. 😦 We are way behind our deadline and now we are short of our budget. We hope that we can make up for everything this coming november because obviously October we’ll be stuck at home, no supplies and no funds. I’m truly sorry if this entry seem to be a such a disappointment. I have learned something though that there isn’t really anything good that would come if you let your emotions dectate your decisions. I shouldn’t have talked E to buying that bookshelf. Sure I am now less stress seeing the apartment with less cluttered books at home but knowing that the money spent for the shelf was for our wedding rings I feel awful. I’ll definitely make up for this. Promise.

Looking forward to November. Promise that we’ll be making our projects from then on.


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