Wedding Coordinator – Reserved!

Comes weekend and we planned to go to Divisoria. But that plan was unfortunately postponed due to bad weather and E got sick. He has been having fever since thursday last week. If it were up to me I would brave Divisoria by myself but E doesn’t trust me to be alone in a place like that. So not much progress was made over the weekend. Sad.

We did however made reservation for the on-the-day coordinator. For that we are having Angel Events from Ormoc. A lot of my relatives are against on having an on-the-day coordinator and they would definitely flip once they found out we already booked one. They think that an on-the-day coordinator has the simplest job that any person could just do it and why pay for thousands of pesos when you can just ask relatives or friends to do it for you for free. I completely understand if they feel that way but knowing thy self I’d rather not gamble on asking someone I know to make sure everything is well excuted according to plan on our wedding day. I panic easily when something goes wrong and I don’t want to be going crazy on the day I’m supposed to look beautiful (probably the only day I’ll ever look beautiful). I want to be confident that everything is taken cared of and I have great confidence with Angel’s team. And besides the whole purpose of hiring a coordinator is that everyone invited in our wedding should enjoy and not be doing stuff.

Another accomplishment was we made down payment to our wedding rings. 🙂 Made a few adjusment to our design and as of now we have paid 25% of the whole amount.  We have not yet decided on the engrave.  I wanted to put “My at last. 04.20.13” on E’s ring but was thinking that it is way too long it might not fit the ring. E will also have to decide on his. If both of us could not come up with anything then we’ll just go with the names and the wedding date. Any thoughts? What does the engrave of your ring says?


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