6 months to go!

Can’t believe my eyes! 6 months to go (that’s what the countdown says) and we’ll be walking down the aisle. So far we didn’t do much except concentrate on our give away since it’s the hardest project to do and just last weekend we ran out of buttons for the frog’s eyes and also magnets. We are down to 25 pairs. We initially decided to make 150 pairs but decided to have a 120 pairs only. A different gift for the principal sponsors will be provided and we don’t think we’ll be going over 150 guests.

This weekend we’ll pay divisoria a visit for our supplies. We need magnets, buttons for the frog’s eyes, ribbons for my bouquet, some materials that i could use for my dress maybe beads, tie for the groom’s men, hair accessory for the bride’s maid and MOH, and maybe props for picture taking. We’ll see what else we can find when we get there. I can’t wait to finish my bouquet! It’s almost done but needed some ribbon for the handle. Hopefully there’d be not much people this weekend given that it is already ber month. People go to Divisoria for the early christmas shopping.

Hopefully we could also pay reservation for our on-the-day coordinator that’s 7,500.

So far nothing much had happen during the weekend except that i’ve been frequently having bad dreams about our wedding day. I don’t know about E but the more the day gets nearer the more my dreams become a lot worse. For instance I dreamed about not having food at the reception because we forgot to tell the resort about our wedding day. Then I dreamed I over slept and forgot to go to my wedding day. Then I also had that dream where my parents were missing so we couldnt’t proceed to the ceremony because we have to find them. Then there is this dream where i forgot to buy guest book so i have to rush to a bookstore in my wedding dress to buy a notebook for our guest to sign. and a lot more dreams. I’m expecting a lot worse this coming months.

We’ll be posting more after our visit in Divisoria. :)


4 thoughts on “6 months to go!

    • hahaha abi nako baye ang nag comment.. E kay si Eugene.. wa ka boot dong.. 😛

      Bitaw salamat dong sa support.. medyo kuyawan na.. daghan pa kaayo buhaton gud.. 🙂

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