M’s side of the story

While there hadn’t been any update on our DIYs due to insufficient funds for our supplies (we have to pay for the on-the-day-coordinator and the monthly installation of our wedding rings) i decided to dedicate this post about E and how our story started (well my side of our story that is).

I first met E way back in college. I don’t remember the exact year but it was during one of the darkest time of my life. Although we had several subjects together I never really noticed him before since i was with a different group and so was he. That year when he first ever spoke to me I just broke up with my first bf. I was sitting on the floor by myself outside our laboratory room one day. Just wanting to be left alone so i chose to be there since nobody was there to bother me and so i thought. Then suddenly skinny E approached me and sat beside me and started talking to me about why was I alone. (whoaaa that was what i thought? i hardly know you!). Although I was never really in the mood to talk to anyone i didn’t want to be rude to him. So  I talked to him about my recent break up since every one knew about it anyway. he shared to me stories about his gf after i told my story. He was talking on and on and on about how he treats his girl and much they love each other.At that time I felt like digging a hole and bury myself because that was not what i wanted to hear. But eversince then I had hoped that someday I would find some guy who would love me like the way he love his gf (I still hated him that time). Eventually we did became friends but not the kind of friends who hang out though.

And then we graduated college and thanks to social networking, E and I were able to keep in touch through friendster. He was still with his gf then while I was with a new guy. We message each other (well he message me more often) every now and then. He moved to manila I stayed in cebu but he never fails to message me. After then I found out that he and this girl had already broken up and I was really sad for him. Then after that he stopped messaging me for a while.

Years passed and once again i was single. I suck in remembering dates but it was somewhere in 2010 that E messaged me asking for my resume so he could refer me to his company. Hello? manila? No way! but i didn’t want to say it to him so I just said I’ll send him my resume after i’m no longer “busy”. He asked me again for my resume after being too busy for God knows how many months and so I did send it to him so that he would stop asking me. I guess he felt that i never really wanted to go to manila because after that he never messaged me again.

November of 2010 we were set for a trip in Manila and it was only me and my friend shella. I have never been to manila and even though shella already went there it was for 2 days only. So we’ll definitely get lost if it were just the two of us. Then I thought of E. I asked him if we could meet in manila and maybe if he has time he could show us around. To my surprise he agreed and he even offered us a place to stay. PERFECT!

Our trip to Manila came and I was so excited to see E after not seeing him for years! And so I saw him and I noticed he grew muscles around his arms and chests. He used to be skinny back in college. He look so different and I started to feel that he is no longer the same person! he was wearing a tight shirt for crying out loud. sorry I just have a thing about guys in tight shirt. I don’t like them. (please don’t be mad at me E. read on and i promise i’ll be niceeeeer) It was awkawrd at first. I don’t have a clue how I would talk to a guy in a tight shirt so i was quite the whole time. We have to make another stop to meet our other friend Arnold who by the way was also wearing a tight shirt. I didn’t want to talk to them. (please don’t kill me E and arnold)

The plan was to go to EK. It was an hour and a half trip so we ended up chatting just like before and I started to realize that not all guys in tight shirt are the same. I slowly recognize my old friend again, the skinny and with a big smile E, and then I started to get comfortable. This is the first time that we hang out so i discovered plenty of new things about him. He laughs the loudest when i screamed during this scary ride. He even took pictures of me while i was struggling to hold on to dear life. He makes sure that we do have fun. Not sure if he does this to all his friends (i sure do hope not) but he held my hand during that terrifying roller coaster ride (I almost broke his hand by the way but he was still laughing the whole time). He paid for a picture we had on one of the rides there so we could have something to remember. He makes sure we have pictures on every spot. He makes sure we are well fed.

After EK, E offered that we stayed over for the night at his tito’s place in Pasig. So it was midnight already when we got there and shella and i were tired and sleepy already. While waiting for our beds to be prepared there i saw E with a new shirt and this time it was not tight and it kinda made him look cute. And then he was bare footed which made me my heart skipped. He’s got the cutest and cleanest feet which is kind of my weakness (Ok i have never ever told E this just because i don’t want him to become big headed. Now he is definitely going to show his feet whenever i am upset with him and i’ll be fine). That night i had a crush on him. In the morning what i felt about him the other night was gone when i saw him wearing a tight shirt again. So we are back to the friends zone.

We are set to go back to Cebu in the evening so we went to Mega Mall, St. Francis and MOA to kill some time. The highlight of that day was when he held my hand when were crossing the street. And then i found myself in between the friend zone and then to liking him more than a friend. And then it’s time to go back to Cebu. We said our goodbyes along with whatever i was feeling for him that time. It was just a little crush as the song goes.

I got back in Cebu and I never thought that he would call me to know if i got home safely. Eversince that call he never stop texting me and sometimes even would call often. Then he told me that he really likes me. I never really took it seriously at first because we were far from each other and maybe he was just playing around. But he was persistent and I find myself saying yes to him when he asked if i wanted to try a long distance relationship. I thought, what harm could it bring me? I mean he is there and single and i am here single and it would be fun to try. If it does not work out then no sweat, we could just easily end it. Like for the many times, I THOUGHT WRONG. It was December 12, 2010 when I said yes.

He is the sweetest, funniest, loving, understanding, neat freak, caring person i have ever met. Although i am not saying he is perfect. it’s just the good side of him out weights whatever little annoying side he have. I find it hard not be near him every single day. And then when he came to cebu February 2011 to visit me for the first time, when he left it made it difficult to go back to being in a long distance relationship. His 3 days stay here in cebu was one of the happiest time of my life. That was why when he got back to manila all i could ever think about is the next time we will be able to spend time again. Then he texted me that he wanted to marry me and that was not his official proposal and that he needs to buy a ring first. But even though he didn’t propose yet we already talked about weddings, and kids, and our future together. He knew already my answer before he could even ask me.

May of the same year it was my turn to visit him in manila. i was excited but at the same time sad because i know after that we’ll go back to being far from each other which was such a torture. we talked about how difficult our situation is and we have agreed that either of us has to move to manila or cebu. since he is bonded to stay for 2 years in his company the choice was for me to make. I have to move to manila. i applied and then I got a job offer that eventually didn’t work out after i have already quit my job in cebu. So I was jobless. Since I no longer have work I took my chance and moved to manila. After a week of being jobless God was so good that I got an offer right away. I was just so happy.

Since both of us are already working we thought that we could finally afford to get married and so we decided on a date. April 20, 2013 and that’s it. That’s our story. Some think that it is just too short for us to conclude that we are meant for each other. Many have thought that we wouldn’t work because we have only been dating for 5 months when we decided to get married. Sure our journey together these past few months was not all rainbows and butterflies but I got to know E better and what’s great about him is he does everything to make me happy. From sewing to things he has never done before just to make me the happiest person. I have been into a few relationship and most of them i have been with long enough but i have never been treated like this my whole life. I couldn’t ask for a perfect match. You can say all you want, to those who have doubt about us (you know who you are ;)), but i don’t care anymore. I am happy and that’s whats important.

P.S. August this year he proposed. 🙂


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