DIY Rosary Cord – Check

I can’t believe we let the whole month of august passed by without even finishing any item on our sprint2 backlog. 😦 The whole month was a busy month for us. The first weekend of August was we celebrated one of our closest friend and one of our groom’s men  birthday which ended up to be E’s second proposal. Well I really never consider his first proposal as the official one since he asked me through text only. I still have that text message though even though i really hated him for proposing to me like that.

Then the second weekend came where we were trapped the whole week at home because of the flood that affected the whole Metro Manila. We would have starved if it were not for our land lady who every meal gave us food through her terrace.

3rd weekend we went to Camuigin, E’s hometown to visit his family and also to have our prenuptials picture taking there. I really enjoyed the beautiful island. 🙂

The next weekend I had my friend’s from Cebu visited me. I had to tour them around the busy streets of Metro Manila. I’ve missed them. I never really much female bonding eversince I got here in manila.

So we never really had the time to do our projects but when I went through our boxes of materials I found that the rosary cord is already finished. 🙂



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