Groom’s Men/Best Man Attire

Here is the vest that we bought for the groom’s men and the best man. We tried it on with the boutonniere. We planned on having a tie too but we have not found the right one yet. 🙂

How do I look? 😀

E trying the vest on.


6 thoughts on “Groom’s Men/Best Man Attire

    • Hello Anna,

      I’m sorry but I didn’t really remember the name of the boutique we bought this from but it’s inside 168 mall divisoria. There are several boutiques that sell this knitted vest though and in different color so you’ll never really have to worry when you get to divisoria. You’ll find it easily there.

      I hope this helps.

  1. hi! i tried looking for a vest like this in divisoria but had a hard time to find it.. san po kaya banda? or saang floor po kaya pwede tong makita? tnx!

    • Hello Mia,

      There were plenty of these vest in 168 mall. There were at 4th and 3rd floor. We chose to buy ours at the one in 3rd floor because they offered the cheapest price for wholesale. I’m sorry i cannot remember the exact store I don’t think there was a name at all but you can’t miss it because they had it displayed outside their stall. I hope you find them. Good luck and congratulations. 🙂

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