Week6 Update

We weren’t able to do much last weekend because we had a fun run and we were short of materials for the DIY projects. We went to divisoria to pick up E’s suit right after our run and thought of buying some supplies but we didn’t realize then that most craft store in Tabora were close! 😦 If we’d known we would have picked his suit on Saturday. So far here is our update for Sprint 1.

1. E’s Suit DONE!
2. M’s Gown DONE! But needs slight make over.
3. Brides Maid Dresses and Maid of Honor Dresses DONE!
4. Groom’s Men and Best Man Vest DONE!
5. Wedding Ring paid reservation DONE.
6. 50 Pairs of Never to Part GiveAways DONE! 100 to go!
7. Groom’s Boutonniere DONE!
8. Draft for Invitation DONE!
9. PS Boutonnier 3 Pairs DONE!
10. Maid of Honor’s Bouquet DONE!
11. Bride’s Bouquet 80% DONE!
12. Bridal Shoes DONE!
13. Ring Pillow DONE!
14. Photographer Paid Reservation of 50% DONE!
15. Bride’s Prenup dress DONE!

For Sprint 1 only 2 items were not finish. The first one is the completion of my bouquet. We were short of buttons and when we did able to buy additional buttons we no longer have time. The second item is the mock up for the invitation. We don’t have a printer yet. So we had it printed in an ordinary paper in black and white. Uhmm I think I can consider sprint 1 finish despite the two items that were’t completed. We’ve added items that were not on our list I think that can make up for our slight failure. So I now call sprint 1 FINISH! πŸ™‚

For Sprint 2 Here are the following Items to start July 21 and to end August 31.

1. Make over for my gown.
2. To complete at least 50% of the remaining balance of wedding ring.
3. Prenup pictorial
4. To finish 50 sets of never to part give aways
5. To figure out packaging for the give aways
6. To finish 2 bouquet for the bride’s maid
7. To complete my bouquet
8. To finalize design of wedding ring
9. Props for the prenup pictorial
10. Groom’s Formal Prenup attire
11. Beach attire for prenup pictorial

So far we really have done a lot already. πŸ™‚ M and E did a great job! Congrats to us both E. We definitely make a great team!


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