DIY wedding pillow

So after having paid the reservation fee for our rings in Golden Hills we just could’nt wait any longer for the ring pillow. Although we did have a ring pillow from the freebies that we got from the gown we bought in divisoria we decided not to use it.. sorry.. 😦 We did make use of it’s stuffing so it is not completely wasted. But still I can’t help but feel a little bit guilty as I opened this innocent pillow just to recycle it’s stuffing.

Here is the ring pillow that we murdered just to create a new one.


Make way for our new ring pillow

a closer look.


1. 10 x 10 Green Felt Cloth

2. Pink and Violet felt cloth cut into hearts

3. Flower shaped buttons

4. Beads

5. Glittered cord (just making up the name not sure really what it is called)

6. Needle and thread


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