DIY Rosary Cord – In progress

We were supposed to be finish with this already but we then made a mistake with the numbers of hailmary beads. Lesson learned, when you are just too exhausted to do something stop and take a rest. E made this after we arrived from divisoria. We spend the whole day walking under the heat of the sun as we carried our heavy supplies and then we have to fight through the crowd. I guess he was just too excited to start with this project since he was the one who picked the beads. I can tell he was really exhausted already from the look on his face but he just wanted to see results i guess. He finished at about 1 in the morning and when I checked his work there was a missing of 10 beads for the hail mary. The nylon left can no longer fit ten beads so we have to start from the beginning.. For now this has to be put on hold until we get back to Divisoria. Here is our failed attempt to make our DIY rosary cord.

epic fail..


1. Small emerald green beads for the spacer – 20.00

2. Big size white beads for the hail mairy – 35.00

3. Big size emerald green beads for the our father – 35.00

4. Nylon 

5. Crusifix – 40.oo

6. Brooch – 45.00

We bought the beads in Quipo near the church. They are a bit cheaper that the ones in Divisoria. For the crusifix we bought them at Divisoria at Tabora Mall.


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