DIY Corsage/Boutonniere

For the groom’s boutonniere we are having it matched with my bouquet which is also made of buttons. As of week5 of DIY projects the bouquet is still not finished due to insufficient buttons. 😦 So here is what the boutonniere for the groom would look like.

For the cute groom!

As for the grooms men we opted to have a heart made of felt cloth which will also match the brides maid’s bouquet. I think we’ll also have it for the principal sponsors.

Pink for the ladies and purple for the boys

Pin it!


1. Corsage Pins – cost 2.50 each

2. Buttons – price varies from sizes and design of button. around .20 – .50 cents

3. Wire – 40.00 – 45.00

4. Felt cloth – 85.00 per yard

5. Thread

6. Needle

7. Stuffing/Cotton

8. Beads

Note: Materials used are all bought in divisoria which really cost less.


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