Week6 Update

We weren’t able to do much last weekend because we had a fun run and we were short of materials for the DIY projects. We went to divisoria to pick up E’s suit right after our run and thought of buying some supplies but we didn’t realize then that most craft store in Tabora were […]

DIY wedding pillow

So after having paid the reservation fee for our rings in Golden Hills we just could’nt wait any longer for the ring pillow. Although we did have a ring pillow from the freebies that we got from the gown we bought in divisoria we decided not to use it.. sorry.. 😦 We did make use of […]

M+E Checklist

Planning a wedding can be stressful especially when you have limited budget. E and I are obviously not making much monthly so we have to work with the money we have but at same time pull off our dream wedding. This is a huge step for the both of us. So many decisions to make and we […]

Hello From M+E

We decided to move to a new home. From  findingchingching to here. ajourneytohappyeverafter will be our official wed site to document the preparation of our wedding day and also the day itself. You’ll see more of us here from now on. 🙂 By the way we are Maretzel and Eugene for short M+E. To introduce us […]