Euell’s Birth Story

This post is long overdue! I really wanted to write so not to forget more details. I hope I didn’t forget much. It’s been 3 months since I’ve given birth to our Euell.

It was December 19 when I still decided to come to work. Already at 39 weeks and 2 days! Being new to the company I wanted to save all the leaves so I could spend more time with my baby. I was really stupid coming in to work that late of my pregnancy. I should have been resting at home. I feel like I still have so much time. I even wanted to buy Christmas gifts at that time for our family and friends. If I was not busy with work stuff at that time I would have gone to the mall that day. I was planning to go to the mall at 7pm for a last minute shopping when I needed to finish a task and decided to shop the next day.

It was 830 pm when my husband message me asking what time will he be fetching me. I told him I can come out at 9pm already. At that time he already was preparing to come to our office as I was cleaning my area too when suddenly I felt some water coming out between my legs. I thought it was urine and I was even thinking of telling my office mate, Ana, that I had an accident. So when I was about to tell her I was smiling just to cover my embarrassment when I started to notice that there was so much water coming out that it possibly couldn’t be pee. And I started to panic and then Ana started to notice the water. We both didn’t know what to do. I remember her calling our emergency hotline. And then more colleagues where coming to my area to check what’s happening. I had no time to feel embarrass. I was starting to feel scared as water would not stop even if I try to hold it or even press my legs together. I noticed my stomach getting smaller. I couldn’t even remember how I was able to call my husband. I was just so scared i thought I was going to give birth in our office! But I didn’t feel any pain at that time. And so I was just confuse and scared. So many people are now in my area. Then finally I saw the nurse I started to feel a bit calm. I heard that they were calling the ambulance and so they’ve put me on a wheel chair. My husband’s also on his way. When were already at the lobby the guards from our company where all scattered trying to get a taxi as the ambulance is taking so much time to get to us. Everyone seems to be running and on their walkie talkies and i started to panic again because I just realize it’s december and the traffic at this time is just so bad. I don’t know how long we’ve waited but some good samaritan was about to give me a ride to the hospital when I saw my husband. I didn’t want to go to The Medical City because I know we don’t have the budget to give birth there but choice do we have? Traffic is bad and I was afraid my baby will not be able to breath if I lose my water. Up to the point where I was sitting in our car water has not stopped coming out.

Finally at The Medical City. They checked me and the baby. Euell’s heart beat is still okay and I was just 2cm at that time and my belly’s still pretty high. It looks like I was not going to give birth any time soon. We still have time to move to another hospital. I would have opted to go to the hospital where we gave birth to Euan. Then I saw my underwear. I was curious as to why there some dark green slime and then I ask the doctor what it was. Then when she saw it she told me that the baby has already pooped and I have to go through emergency CS. At that time I really didn’t believe what I was hearing. I wanted to have time to process the information but the doctor was very persistent that we don’t waste any more time at it is very second we waste couldn’t potentially endanger the life of our baby. We asked if we still have time to move to another hospital but the doctor said it would be too late already if should we push through that. When we asked how much will it cost us at that time I really didn’t know what to do anymore. The price ranges was 150k – 200k+ depending on the condition of the baby. At that time I know we don’t have a choice. Traffic on that area is the worst. I was looking at our baby’s heart beat and I just couldn’t bare to see it dropped and so we decided to go through it even without knowing yet how will be able to pay the bill.

I started to cry when I realize there is no longer going back after I’ve signed so much papers. Everything happened so fast. They were really in a hurry my brain couldn’t even cope up with all the information going through my head at that time. It was too much that I just cried and cried. My husband was not allowed to be there with me too. I’ve never felt so alone and scared. I couldn’t remember much. All I wanted at that time is to for it to be over. I keep repeating in my head “please let it be over now”. I remember I was shaking uncontrollably not sure if it was because of the aircon or I was just really scared. The anesthesiologist came in and explained everything but I couldn’t understand anything. I didn’t feel any labor pain at that time and so when he injected the anesthesia on my spine that was the only time that I really did feel pain. And then i couldn’t move the lower part of my body. I started to cry again and then heard the doctor telling me to close my eyes. Every time I would feel someone moving me so hard I would try to open my eyes thinking that no one is looking and then I would hear a voice telling me to close my eyes. It felt like forever and then finally I heard a very loud cry. That cry comforted me and I forgot how scared I was and I didn’t feel alone anymore. I finally saw him. They placed him on my chest and had him latch on me immediately. I wanted to hold him. I forgot about everything and saw only him. We were together till we got in our room. We were already roomed in together. I’m just so happy that nothing bad happened to him. He’s okay. That’s all that I really wanted. The bill of course was expensive! But I just kept thinking about our baby Euell. That he is ok. Financially we are drained this year and our debt is piling up but I know that we will get through this. This too shall pass. Every time I’d think of our problem I would just have to look at our two boys and I start feeling hopeful and strong again.



Hello Euell Mikko.



I love you so much



My world


my strength


Yaya Problem

Yaya Problem

I’m exhausted! This again. I wish I could say I don’t want this anymore but this is just something that we need to face and go through over and over again. We have no choice. We can’t quit our jobs. It’s the start of the year and yet this is stressing as out. Our 2 yayas just decided to go home and leave us after being with us for just 2 months. Had it not just been recently that the yaya before these two left us without even saying goodbye and I’ve barely even got over it. The wound is still fresh and then here again a fresh new wound. I don’t know with my husband because he doesn’t usually look affected. He is usually calm about these kind of things. I am very much affected because i easily get attached that is why I don’t have much friends and i’m very careful in having people in my life.

I’m exhausted. I don’t know what else to do to make these yaya stay longer. I know that there are just things that we cannot control that is why some would decide to leave but some would just use you to temporarily fix their problem. This is our 6th yaya since we had a child. If I had a choice I would prefer to take care of the kids myself. It will save us all the stress and the heart ache and I’m very sure the kids are well taken care off. If daycare is not expensive I would have considered this but we can’t afford it.

This is my yaya history:

Yaya 1: The one that got bored

She’s 21 years old from Ormoc. She was very enthusiastic to work with us. There was a time when we canceled having her because she told us she will be going to manila with her boyfriend who is also looking for a job. I didn’t feel comfortable hiring someone who is in a relationship to be honest because it usually is the reason that they will not stay long and it would usually cause a problem when they fight. But she convince us very well that her love life will not get in the way of her work. She’s ok at first. we didn’t like that she is always taking selfies and would even take photos of Euan and post it on her facebook. And after 2 months she’s starting to spend more time with our land lady that sometimes it feels like she is working for her than with us. She is also not interested in learning to cook. I had to cook on sundays to prepare for her weekly consumption and then she can just heat it every day but we found out that she didn’t like eating heated food. I had to buy food everyday for her. She no longer seem to be happy with us. I can sensed it. I think she got bored and lonely and would rather be with her bf more ever since he found a job and an apartment. Finally on her 4th month with us she texted us that she couldn’t take care of Euan because he is too heavy that her back aches all the time. she however told us she would only leave us if we find a replacement and I appreciated what she did for us although it broke my heart because I know she love Euan and that’s something that’s very important to me.

Yaya 2: The one that got away

We were very lucky to have found her. She’s very hardworking and don’t need to be told of what to do. She also took care of Euan very well and love him. I like her because she enjoys being home all the time so we don’t worry if she ever gets bored. She don’t take advantage and she would even be the one to give us gifts. On my  birthday she gave me a dress and during christmas she would also give us gifts. But even the best one still has to leave. I don’t feel angry but I feel that she really was the one who broke my heart most. It even took me a while to respond to her messages when she was already gone still tries to check on us but it was hard for me because I miss her and maybe even Euan. She really did took care of Euan and our family. She has to leave us when we moved to Cavite. Until now we still are friends. It took me a while to really move on and accept that we could never her back. I’m still thankful for the 1 and half year she spent with us.

Yaya 3: The one who does not enjoy kids

She is a relative of mine and I actually know her. But I’ve haven’t really seen her since I went to college and moved to Cebu. I really thought that it would work out with her because her mom used to be our yaya when were kids. We really love her. When I found out that her husband will be also coming to Manila to work at a shoe factory I already knew that it won’t be long and she’ll also leave. Still I took her and had hope that maybe with the way we would be treating her it would change her mind and also we don’t really have a choice because there was no one else we could find. When she started working with us I immediately compared her with yaya 2. She does not really take good care of the house and Euan. One time Euan had a huge bruise on his chin and I don’t buy her alibi. I wanted to fire her on that day Euan had the bruise but it was also the day that she told me she’d be leaving. I didn’t really felt my heart broken by this because I never really felt any connection with her.

Yaya 4: The one who left without saying goodbye

I didn’t really feel comfortable having her because she’s just 15 but then again we don’t have any choice. She was the one Yaya 3 gave to us as replacement. Although she is hardworking and I believe to have cared for Euan I didn’t feel comfortable having someone that young. At first we didn’t have a problem with her because the house is clean an Euan seem happy. We even let her use our ipad for facebook. It was then we found out from her Ninang that she’s been chatting with so many guys. We also found out she has been giving out important information about us like our full address and the plate number of our car. I wanted to fire her but thought that maybe she can change and decide to give her a chance. But then we are starting to notice that she is no longer happy and that she is getting bored. Maybe because I keep telling her that I didn’t want her to have bf that she just met on the internet and that I always keep telling her that she’s still a minor and that she needs to be careful.It’s also not easy to please her. We bring her with us when we go out but she does not speak and always looks sad. I wanted to let go of her but at that time we still couldn’t find a replacement. It had been very hard for us because she’s also been lying to us a lot but I was still waiting for someone to replace her. And then one weekend she told us she’d just go to the church to pray for her grandfather who she saw in her dream. she didn’t come home that night. I was scared because we thought something must have happened to her. When we check her room all her things have already been packed. We couldn’t contact her. The next morning she came home only to get her things. She broke my heart because I know Euan has grown fund of her. I wish she could have told us she don’t want to be with us anymore. Then we found out that the reason she left is because she is alreay living with someone, a construction worker in our village. Only 16 and she’s already living with someone. It was the hardest 2 weeks for us because we don’t have any replacement yet and i don’t have leaves yet because I’m new to our company. Good thing there were plenty of holidays on november. We had to take Euan to a daycare near our office because there was no one we know who would offer to take care of him while we wait for new yayas.

Yaya 5 and Yaya 6: The one who gave false hope

We decided to hire two yaya since there’ll be already two take care of. And also in case one leaves at least we still have one. We couldn’t find any problem with them. They are very hardworking and the important thing is they get along very well. The house is clean and Euan is well taken care of and they can cook delicious meals. They also don’t need to be told of what to do. Although to be honest my instinct told me about yaya 5 that she might stay long with us because she has 3 kids and I know she must miss them. But still we took what is available to us on that time. I thought we were getting on just fine. We’ve already establish some routines and then just the other day yaya 5 just told me casually that her kids need her. That the one who promised to take care of them, her live in partner, decided to leave because of misunderstanding with her family and kids. She had no choice but to go back home. Yaya 6 i never thought she’d also be going home. I was shocked when she told me that she only came because of yaya 5. She wouldn’t even be here if it were not for her. I begged her to stay but there’s no way she’d be convince. My heart again is broken because Euan seem to really enjoy their company. I just gave birth and I’m soon going back to work. If we can’t find replacement before feb 15 I’m not sure how we are going to take care of things. I’m suppose to be taking it easy for now. There’s only a few days left before they’d leave and for me to go back to work. I couldn’t be even angry with yaya 5 because I’m also a mom and I’m suppose to understand her but I can’t help it. I feel like they’ve given me this false hope. I wish we knew earlier so that we could have more time to find someone else. I don’t know. I feel like we are bad people. Maybe we don’t give enough? I don’t know what else there is to do. I feel like we’ve already exhausted every ideas on how to make them stay. I really don’t want to go through this anymore. how many times does my heart have to get broken?

I know my kids won’t be this be dependent forever. I know that this problem won’t be forever but having to endure this for I don’t know how much more years I just don’t know what it will do to the way I look at people. I just wish I could still find more hope and patience.

3 + 1 = 4

Everytime I start an entry on this blog it always starts with something like explaining myself for the long absence. I feel like I shouldn’t be having this blog anymore as I really don’t know how to maintain it. There are plenty of working moms like me who can still blog. I don’t know how they do it. I guess I could do it it’s just I’ve been going through a lot of changes all at once eversince I became a mom. I’m a mess! Anyway. I’m back. While I’ve been gone a lot has happened. I lost my job and then we found out we are expecting a second baby. To be honest I was not ready at all. Without a job and then having to pay 2 mortgages the news wasn’t really that exciting. I was terrified. My husband as a happy go lucky person that he is was ecstatic while I was still in the process of really trying to figure out what we will do when I no longer have a job. I spent the whole May and June job hunting. Then I had to experience morning sickness and I was required 3 weeks of bed rest. I had to cancel job interviews because I was at risk of having a miscarriage. So I was left with 3 weeks to find a job before I spend my last day with my company. I had 8 interviews from different companies. All rejected me except for one. It was during my last day that I received a text from one of the 8 companies that i have an offer. All the worries about how we will survive the months to come have finally disappeared still I don’t think during those times it has really sinked in that soon we will be 4. It wasn’t until we had our CAS scan that I really able to finally able to realize that we will be having another baby.

As for my new company I really liked it there. They have a mother’s lounge and a gym. That made me really happy despite missing my old one. The office is far most of the time we would travel 2-3 hours. The first few weeks in my new company was difficult as I was not used to the long hours away from Euan. In my old company I would come in late so I could still spend time with Euan in the morning and I can also go home early and continue working from home. In the evening I could still put Euan to bed. It was part of the reason that I really was sad to have lost the job because it gave me enough time to be with my son. With this new company even though we have flexi hours we still need to finish 9 hours a day. What we would do now is come to work late so in the morning we can still spend time with Euan when he wakes up. In the evening though Euan is already asleep. Yaya would say that he tries to wait for us. He would face the door until he would fell asleep waiting for us to arrive. That just breaks my heart. Thinking about him waiting and to be disappointed really makes me a lot more guilty. Also most mornings he would cry wanting to go with us. I hate having to say goodbye to him. If only I could just be a housewife for a while and be the one to take care of him. But I know that would be impossible for now. So most days I’d be crying in our rest room because the guilt is just too much to bare. I always find myself guilty for choosing to have a career. But I just have to remind myself no matter how hard it is that I am doing this for him and now for our new addition. All the more now I need to work hard. For their future.

Also I didn’t mention we also already have the gender revealed. We did this like we did with Euan. We found out together with my husband’s family. It was very memorable. We bought this baby frog suite that would either indicate we have a boy or a girl. We let the sales lady take care of wrapping frog suite as we have no idea yet about the gender. We chose wonder woman for girl and super man for boy. When we opened tha gift we found a super man frog suite. Everyone was expecting a girl including me and my husband. I’m still happy though. I am excited now to see him. He looks a lot like his brother but he’s a lot active. He moves a lot compared to when Euan was the occupant of my womb. We still have not decided what to call him.

Soon we’ll be preparing again and really looking forward to it. I wish I could really take care of this blog. I’ll try as much as I can.

A Year Older

I just celebrated my birthday yesterday. Didn’t have anything big planned out. I wanted to celebrate my birthday with just the family. And I just even want to sleep uninterrupted. I have happened to be neighbors with who i share the same birthday and I’m amazed at how she could still manage to plan a party with her having two hyper active toddler and still even managed to look great. Didn’t really plan on going anywhere but they invited us over for snacks in the afternoon. It felt awkward because I’ve not prepared anything at all and every time there’s someone celebrating birthday in our village there is always gathering. Everyone seem to know I also have a birthday and yet I was there in clothes I wore while i was cleaning the house. Didn’t plan on staying long just sent a cake but they insisted. I was tired after all the things I did in the morning in our front yard. But I immediately forgot how embarrassed I am when I saw little E enjoying himself with the other kids. He don’t get to go out much and have playmates and so seeing him having so much fun makes me stop worrying about myself. I thought I already have a hyperactive one but compared to my new friend’s kids little E is still described as well behave.

I don’t know but for me I preferred spending my birthday the way I did. In the morning I planted our delivered Eugenias and frog grass and transplanted our pechays. Cleaned the house and then went out to have lunch with the family. Husband treated me with a whole body massage. If it were not for the invitation I would have spent the whole afternoon sleeping. I know it seem ordinary but not having to cook, having someone pamper me, getting sleep and read a book seem to be the greatest gift I could ever receive. I hope I didn’t give our neighbor an impression that I am distant and cold. It’s in our culture to be very close with the neighbors. It is called pakikisama here. I love that people can plan events i have nothing against that at all. For me though choosing between a party and relaxing I’d prefer the latter. I hope that isn’t really bad. Anyway maybe next year when little E is bigger I’d be good in planning parties. We’ll just see. Maybe I’d be able to pull it off too.

Hope to update you with more pictures of our vegetable garden and new plants to be delivered this weekend. I’ll do my best. till next time.


My collection of succulents and arranged them myself. 🙂



Eugenias and frog grass delivered a day before my birthday. 


Planted our frog grass and the Eugenias. Can’t wait for them to grow bigger.


It doesn’t look much for now. This is what our driveway looks like for now.



Surprise gift from my husband. A cake, harry potter book and a letter. 🙂


Little loving my cake. That was his breakfast.


Soon as we got home from lunch went to the fridge and got himself a slice of cake. 

I’m Still Here

I’ve not visited this blog for a while. Not that I really don’t have time. I could squeeze time to write but the past months had been depressing I don’t want to fill my blog with nothing but rants. Got trouble at work because of my being incapable to balance work  and life. I didn’t pursue day care because mama found a relative who would take care of my son but turned out that I was just being used to fill her months of no work. As soon as her husband flew to Manila and an opportunity to work she orchestrated this alibi that was so good that it almost ruined a relation with a friend. She didn’t really take care of little E. The house is a mess because she’s lazy. Always on the phone or fixing her hair. I was in so much stress. She didn’t really want to work as a helper or nanny.

The house has a lot of problems that we constantly  have to report. There are people coming and in out of our house only to create new problem. There are still problems but this month i decided to take a break because the past weeks I’ve been having the worst migraine attack. I’m constantly absent because I can’t work from home because I don’t have internet yet. My boss hates me. I hate me. I honestly feel like I’m drowning. From all the responsibilities and the failures that I have to consonantly juggle. This month I choose not to dwell much on it anymore. We have a new helper. She’s ok. I hope she continues to be. I try not to be attached because I tend to expect and expectations would only lead to disappointment. I don’t want to go through that again.

The house well we are fixing the problems one step at a time. I try not to be bothered by the things that is still can be fixed and to the things that is beyond our control I try to convince my brain to forget or ignore. I have to be patient.

To fix stress away I try to still find time for myself when Little E is sleeping. I read a book at night. In the morning while little E is still sleeping I go gardening. Our front yard is improving a lot. We are now growing vegetables. It’s fun to see the seeds you sow are now grown plants of even blooming flowers. So for now this is our house. Still need to buy cabinets for kitchen and bedrooms. And so much more. All the more I wanted to continue working. Not necessarily of the material things but because I want a comfortable life for our family. The past weeks feeling really like I’m no good as mom and a career woman I have been thinking about quitting my job even though really it is not an option. But having goals for the family drives me to hold my chin up and just go on. So yes I’m still here.


New Chapter

Hello! Hello! I’m just going to be quick just to update this blog that we’ve already moved. It’s been two weeks already and it had been a hell of a ride. I’m so exhausted and still a lot is needed to be done. Done with the grills and the tiles. We still don’t have cabinets and our front and backyard is still a mess. It will probably take a lot of time and money before we finally make our house into the one we’ve always visualized. Right now since we’ve almost exhaust our savings we are taking a break from the spending and just concentrate on DIYing. So for now these are just what our looks like. Hopefully I could still have the time to DIY. Will probably be posting pictures. For now the house is still a mess. So more updates to come.

Project Change-Is-Coming

Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. 🙂 I got some big news. We finally got a car! We got it within a week after we applied for the bank loan. The approval was so quick that we didn’t have a chance to think about the unit that was offered to us. Although we were set to really buy a car it never really occurred to us that we’d be buying before we move to our house. Everything happened so fast. It was a good deal for a situation like ours. I have to be honest I had sleepless nights and even experience hyperventilating. I got nervous because this is another huge responsibility and an expensive one but I know that we need this especially now that we have a child. I am not sure how long our yaya is going to be with us ever since she told me last week that she’s planning on going to college again but if should she decides to leave I think we’ll take a break in hiring another yaya and consider day care instead. And should that happen we will be needing to commute with little E everyday. I’ve had several bad experience in commuting in public transport with little E. Number 1 is breastfeeding him is difficult for both he and I. Number 2 not everyone has patience or are considerate in a child having tantrums. Little E don’t like heavy traffic so whenever the car stops he would cry and fuzz around. You’ll get a hate stare from your fellow passenger as if they are trying to tell you to calm you child which is really impossible to do. Number 3 is it really is exhausting having to wait in line in van terminal with a child and bag full of grocery and it is even harder when it is raining. We could choose not bring little E with us during grocery but we don’t really have a choice but to bring him with us since our yaya has been frequently having her day off. Number 4 should there be an emergency in our new house we’d be in a lot of trouble since there’s a little shuttle available in our area and you have to wait around 30 mins for it to arrive. So finally getting the car had already solved a lot of our problem although it would require us to be more conscious with our expenses now that we are paying two mortgages. So yeah I have to find ways to save more.

Another news is we’re done applying for electricity and water. Now we have grills installed in our house not that I am fan of grills but I find it a necessity these days. I wouldn’t be able to  sleep well that any bad person could just come into our home. We could never be too confident with the village security guard. Things you see in the news is just too scary and when you have child it’s their safety that you have to prioritize. So never mind if I really don’t like it. Next project would be the tiles. Already our saving’s been drained off. Hopefully there’d be enough money left for new furniture and cabinets. This is really hard!  More update in days to come. 🙂



Hello everyone. 🙂 yes I know I’ve been gone again for a long time. Nothing much really has been going on with us and I’ve been rather busy too. What’s with the title? Not that really is something new. I get about 4-6 hrs of sleep everyday. Just today I don’t think I had ever slept at all. A lot of things have been running in my head. I thought I would really be happy about a recent event that have happened but then I realize what an amount of work and sacrifice is there a to be done. So yes we already, finally got an authority to move to our house and I should be really excited but going there on our own proved it to be difficult to travel because there’s not much option for commute. They have a few shuttle that go round lancaster city but there’s not much of it going around. If traveling will be an issue we will be left with no choice but to really buy a car. I’m terrified of owning a car because big E and I are not very fond of the traffic here in Manila and the very upsetting news on many irresponsible drivers and not to mention those road rages. I just never ever want to get myself into that kind of stress. Being a commuter I’m fine with dealing with the stress by sleeping it off or reading a book. But if we really are to move to Cavite and that would mean sacrificing too much time away from our little E then I couldn’t bare it. 😦 I can’t be separated from little E for too long. It already is a torture that I have to be away from him 9-10 hrs. I just can’t spend any more time longer than that. I already feel guilty for still having a job instead of taking care of him myself but I know I’d feel a lot worse if I don’t help my husband. He’d probably end up finding a job overseas and that’s the last thing I wanted for us to happen, to be separated. Little E loves his papa so much. Anyway so the car is on our priority right now. I don’t know how we are going to manage with furniture if the budget goes mostly on the car. We also have several things that need to be done before we move like grills and cabinets. So many things on my list right now and I just don’t know how and which one to prioritize. I’m also worried for big E because he works in Ortigas. That’s very far from Cavite and the traffic there is so much worse too. All these thoughts kept me awake. I try to rearrange our to-do things but every time I try to put something on top of the list something else suffers. Maybe I just overthink too much. I wish I get better sleep tonight. I can’t help but think if we ever made the right decision. Yes we dreamed of having our own house but if it’s this too much work, if it means spending too much time away from our little E is it all worth it? I really am scared that we’ll regret what we have done.


My Little Accident

Hi everyone! I’ve been really having second thought on sharing this but felt that this will also serve to warn anyone to be careful. I feel really embarrassed about what happened. I may be one of those unlucky person to ever be injured on a inflatable giant slide. I broke 3 bones on my foot which resulted to making me stay at home for 4 weeks! When the doctor told me that it would be better if i rest at home that long it made my heart sank because i don’t think I can afford to leave work that long especially that I haven’t been performing well ever since i became a mom. I had a lot of task already behind and not working I’m afraid of losing my job. The doctor told me if I really needed to work I have to use crutches but oh goodness was it hard to use them. Had to use it for a while and already I had blisters on both my hands and my arms and neck and back is already sore. A few meters of walking in it and I’m already covered in sweat and I rarely sweat. So how did it happen? Well it was happy day for us because decided to celebrate father’s day in advance and so we took little E to kidzoona. We had the day all planned out. Little E was very excited and sooooo happy playing. It was really fun watching him. And then we saw this giant slide and everyone going in it had a huge smile on their faces. Little E wanted to try it but I was reluctant to let him because my husband is gone for a little while to buy something. But little E really wanted to go as he sees many kids going and so despite the voices telling me to wait for my husband we went up the ladder and as I was holding little E I looked down and realize how scared I was and thought of it as a bad idea. I wanted to go back to the ladder but I don’t know how I could carry little E on that ladder. I looked at other parents with them carrying their kids as they slide it looked so easy and fun for them. So I closed my eyes and slide and get over it. I was so busy being scared that i didn’t realize that my left leg got under by behind. As we were sliding down I was sitting with my left foot and the friction between my foot gave me the injury. I couldn’t walk because it was too painful to even touch my foot. Then this little kid from the slide landed on my foot! I had to scream. Little E wanted to go back to the slide and I had to hold him while he fights me. He was crying but I have to hold him because no one else is going to look after him. I waited for my husband for what felt like forever. Then he finally he was there and couldn’t believe I really injured myself. We really thought that it was just a sprain. So we waited for the pain to go away. I just sat at the corner while big E and little E were playing but I felt that the pain was just too much and so we had to call for help. The people at kidzoona to my disappointment didn’t really know how to attend to my injury. They just gave me ice to put on my foot. Then I had to tell them I needed to go to the clinic. At the clinic I was given pain reliever and then still the ice on my foot. They were telling me that it would go away that they’ve had a lot of cases like that. I just needed to put ice and some ointment and I’ll be fine. But I’ve sprained my foot before and it was not this painful at all. I hate going to the hospital and I would very much just agree to what they say that I just need to sleep on it but it was just too painful. I had to tell them I needed to be sent to the hospital because I was not feeling better. I could see the face of manager a bit disappointed because he really had to go with me because that’s part of their process. I didn’t even want him to go with us but it is part of his job. Little E already bored and I wish I listened to the voice in my head. I was so disappointed with myself that I’d have to ruin our day. I was then wheeled to the emergency room had my xray and then we found out I had fractured bones. It came as a shock to me because I’ve never been injured before. If this were in my younger days where I didn’t have any responsibility I would have probably rejoiced knowing I have 4 weeks to stay home. I would read books and watch all the movies I’ve missed. But now that I am a mom i don’t know how we are going to manage at home and yes work. I never like bothering anyone or be a burden. I really am not comfortable asking for help. I feel bad for big E. He had to cook, take care of little E after work, do the grocery, and a lot more. It was even harder that I couldn’t play with little E. 😦 Good thing also that I was allowed to work from home. I was able to borrow a laptop. Although I’d still prefer to work with the office because of the crappy internet here at home it is still better than not being able to do my task. 3 weeks have passed and I just can’t wait to be freed from my cast. I really wanted to be useful again.


So there that’s what happened. I don’t know how often this happen to anyone but I really feel bad. I wasted 4 weeks. Although it is nice to be home and have more time with little E i still didn’t feel ok having big E do everything. I’m gonna make it up to him.

Summer Getaway 2016: Activities with a Toddler

Another downtime. My server is still inaccessible and thus I am stuck. Well that’s a good thing I guess so I could finally update this blog. 🙂

We didn’t have much activities since we have a toddler. Everything we had to do must be fun and of course safe for our little E. The only moment little E really hated was breakfast time. The location of the dining area in Ferra Hotel is beside their lap pool. Little E is always distracted and would really try to climb out of his high chair. He would only stop fussing when we let him go to the pool. But of course he still is not dressed for swimming so we let his tiny feet feel the water. Sometimes he would want to really jump. We didn’t get to enjoy much of our breakfast. 😦 Reviews had been raving about their beef tapa but I didn’t get the chance to indulge in it. If only we could only just eat breakfast in our room. But then it really was fun seeing little E having fun.

So the first thing we did when we got to Boracay was just enjoy our room. I embraced the fresh sheets took mental photos of the room wishing that we could do that with our own someday. Then the boys went right on to watching TV. They were already glued to the TV while I arranged our clothes and then decided to order some snacks. On my previous post I shared how yummy their food is. I ordered carbonara and wow it is the best I have ever tasted so far. We decided to go out at 4 in the afternoon thinking that it wouldn’t be that hot anymore. Please don’t be mad at me but I decided not to buy sun screen because I was scared on putting something on little E. I wasn’t sure which sun screen were safe to use for a 1 yr old. So we really made sure to only go out early in the morning then late in the afternoon. But to our surprise 4pm was still very hot. We were running by the beach looking for a shade because little E was already feeling uncomfortable. I forgot to bring his water! and he began to feel thirsty good thing i brought my nursing cover. It took a while for him to really warm up to the sand. He first didn’t like feeling of the sand on his feet. For a while he just wanted to be carried. But then as the heat was calming down little E no longer protested when we set him down the sand. We bought him this swim float and so we finally made him try floating on the shallow part of the beach. We ended up staying at Willy’s Rock after all the running we did finding shade. Little E really enjoyed the water. The sun is setting so we decided to go back to the hotel so we could change before dinner but little E keeps pulling is floater and tries to run back to the water. Little E also enjoyed being around kids his age. You’d think they really understand each other because they would be gesturing like they are talking. But when you listen you’d only hear gibberish talk. I was a lot more excited I guess than little E. Seeing him just having fun was such a delight to witness.


Going back to the hotel we were excited to go to the roof top for dinner but it seem little E was already tired from all the running and swimming he did at the beach. He was starting to fuss when he bathe him and then change him to fresh clothes. But then he again started to feel happy when we got on the elevator upon seeing his reflection. He got this fascination with mirror. It took a while for our order to arrive and so little E got bored on his high chair and just wanted to run all over the place. But when our food arrived little E finally for first time sat still. He loved the chicken tinola so much! It was the first time I ever saw him consumed that much. Their food is that really good that even my very picky eater finally behaved himself just so we could give him more. That night little E sleep very well and I have slept well too.

The next day we decided to spend the whole day by the beach. We looked for a place we could stay with shade and have the beach for our view. We were looking for beach benches with umbrellas so we could stay till noon and then we found Red Coconut. Staying there is not for free though. To be able to stay there since there’s two us we need to order something that would amount to 600 pesos. So we ordered drinks and then promised to have lunch there although I really want to eat at the hotel again. Big E bought sand toys for little E and he really enjoyed it! We also went swimming while it was still not that hot. It was relaxing time by the beach because little E was just playing with his new toys. We didn’t have to chase after him. I enjoyed looking at the beach and then of course little E. He’s so cute with his babiators sun glasses that big E bought for him. We decided to order lunch because little E started to look sleepy. He must be really tired because he slept through lunch. Well he wouldn’t have enjoyed lunch because honestly I didn’t like their food. I was disappointed because what we ordered is a lot more expensive than the ones in the hotel but it was not that even that good. Not to brag but I can cook better. 😦 We went back to the Hotel right away because the sun is starting to really hurt our skin even under the umbrella.

So we spent some time in our room before we head again to the beach this time we wanted to go to Puka beach. During our first visit in Boracay before we had little E we were not able to go there because of bad weather. I have been really looking forward to visit this beach and I wouldn’t want to miss it this time. The hotel arranged our transportation which was really great for them. At 4pm the tricycle was already waiting for us. We paid 150 pesos. It was far that little E fell asleep again and when we got to Puka Beach it was still a bit hot so again we decided to find benches with umbrella so little E could continue sleeping comfortably. My goodness was it pricey. They’d tell you that it is free to stay you just have to order their drink. The cheapest on their menu is buko juice which is worth 250 pesos! I started to complain and was about to just check the other benches when the guy who gave us the menu said he would give it 150 pesos for us. I was already feeling bad for little E so we agreed to the price. When little E woke up we immediately started swimming as we only got around an hour before the sun sets. Little E love the sand there. It’s much finer.

We got back to the hotel and took a swim on their lap pool. Little E loved it so much that we almost couldn’t get out anymore. But I was already getting hungry and even though he was still begging for more big E had to finally carry him while he is still crying. 😦 And so I just wanted to have dinner at Ruf’s resto again and it did not disappoint. I could eat there everyday! Since little E is still fully charged from sleeping at Puka beach we decided to let him experience Boracay Night life. He enjoyed the fire dance.

The next day we are set to leave for Boracay. 😦 And so we decided to spend the rest of the day eating. With the help of google we searched for must try places. We can only accommodate two place with our remaining time so we chose Spice Bird and Boracay Toilet. I love what I ordered in Spice Bird. The sauce is my favorite. Big E was disappointed with what he ordered. It was a bit pricey too. Next is the Boracay Toilet. I think most people go there for the experience. They will serve your food their toilet themed dishes. The whole place  looked fun. Good for picture taking. The food however was just ok. We ordered halo-halo because we are still full. That was last place we visited before we got back to our Hotel for our service to pick us up.

Our vacation was short but fun. It really was memorable to us as a family. I don’t know when will ever get a chance to have a vacation like this especially soon we will be moving to our house. Don’t know if we’ll have another chance to splurge like this. Boracay sure is a nice place for family vacation but sure is expensive. I’m just happy that little E gets to experience the beach with us. That is my favorite part of our vacation just to see little E be fascinated with so many things and just be happy.